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2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games

WEG Update: Planners discuss temporary stadium, transportation as WEG draws closer
“The countdown clock is probably the good Lord’s sentence on me, because every time I wake up and see it’s 218 days, then 217 days, then bang, bang, bang. Yes, it’s going to happen.”  From Business Lexington. Read more >>

Equestrian Sport

Equestrian’s top riders compete for charity
This time they are jumping for a cause rather than gold and glory. From The Sun-Sentinel.  Read more >>

Equine Welfare

SPCA removing 73 horses from New York farm
Animal welfare crews are removing 73 horses and 26 cats from an upstate New York farm after finding them living in filthy conditions. From SI Live. Read more >>

In Other News

Festival raises money for Equine Rescue League
The North Carolina Central Coastal Region of the U.S. Equine Rescue League will host its second annual Horse Festival on Saturday at the Craven County Fairgrounds. From ENC Today. Read more >>

Coughing horses at Spanish Riding School
Austria’s renowned Spanish Riding School has canceled performances because some of its elegant white Lipizzaner stallions have caught a cold. From The Washington Post. Read more >>

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