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London Olympics row over Greenwich Park role reaches climax
On one side, a vocal and well-organised pressure group that includes several powerful and well-known local residents, including the historian David Starkey. From The Guardian. Read more >>

Equine Welfare

A way for racehorses to retire in comfort
Wrapped in a windbreaker, horse trainer Kate DeMasi stood on the rail at Philadelphia Park on a recent morning, bracing against a raw drizzle and watching an exercise rider work his mount on the muddy track. From The Philadelphia Inquirer. Read more >>

In Other News

Twin foals born on first day of spring
What better way to celebrate the first day of spring than with the birth of twin foals. From The Daily Record. Read more >>

Thieves Steal OC Horse Statue
A wrought-iron fence and concrete nails were no match for statue thieves in Costa Mesa. From NBC Los Angeles. Read more >>

Wild Horse Beats Odds
Back in October, at a wild horse auction in Dickinson, a two year-old mustang got spooked and jumped into the crowd, injuring an elderly man. From KFYR-TV. Read more >>

Hummer Horse Carriage Trots Into NY
Introducing the world’s most fuel-efficient Hummer. From AOL News. Read more >>

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