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Horse and Carriage Owners Lash Out at PETA
The owners of an Atlanta horse and carriage company are lashing out at efforts of an animal rights group to ban them from city streets. From 11 Alive. Read more >>

Horse slaughter atrocities revealed to Belgium and Holland consumers
An 8 1/2 minute video aired on three major news programs in Belgium and Holland graphically exposing starved, injured, abused and dehydrated horses in the slaughter pipeline from both North America and South America. From Examiner. Read more >>

Alex Hua Tian helps us get ‘Hands On’ against horse cruelty
World Horse Welfare, official charity at the 2010 Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials, has partnered with the horse world’s hottest new star; Chinese Olympic event rider Alex Hua Tian in its latest drive to stamp out horse cruelty and abuse. From World Horse Welfare. Read more >>

In Other News

Horse Hogs Left Lane Of Traffic In Mich.
Drivers in Wayland were shocked Wednesday when they spotted a runaway horse galloping down the highway. From WSBTV. Read more >>

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