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Equine Health

Two Gallatin County horses have rare infection
The state Department of Livestock has confirmed that two horses in Gallatin County have a rare and contagious disease. From Great Falls Tribune. Read more >>

In Other News

Horse is Britain’s first ‘animal ambulance’
Seven-year-old Chase gallops to the aid of injured walkers and cyclists with his owner Mark Bennett, just as doctors used to ride by horseback to patients in the Wild West. From The Telegraph. Read more >>

Reason Will Win the Horse Slaughter Debate
Over the past week there has been a uptick in the coverage of the horse-slaughter issue. From New York Times. Read more >>

Sheriff asks for help in horse theft
The Shenandoah County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help in finding a pair of horses that were either lost or stolen. From Northern Virginia Daily. Read more >>

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