The Three Phase Event for Gaited Horses Takes Place this Weekend


Rocky Mountain HorseGaited horses are known as smooth trail mounts and flashy show horses, but are typically not thought of as sport horses. The Three Phase Event, held in Winchester, Kentucky, gives gaited horses and their riders the opportunity to showcase their athleticism and versatility.

The Three Phase Event is based on the model of three-day eventing. Horse-and-rider teams complete a dressage test, a course of stadium obstacles and a three- to 10-mile cross country course. Horses are not asked to jump in this event, but instead complete trail obstacles including poles, bridges and water crossings.

This year’s event will be held at the Kentucky Equestrian Center in Winchester on May 15-16. Spectators are welcome to attend. Admission is $5/person each day. Get more info at

Breeds featured in the competition include Rocky Mountain Horses, Tennessee Walking Horses, gaited Saddlebreds and other gaited crossbreeds.

The Three Phase Event Mission Statement

The Three Phase Event was conceived to provide a venue for soft gaited horses to compete as a versatile horse in classic dressage, stadium obstacle course and cross country events. The goals of the Three Phase Event, Inc. are as follows:

1. Advance the training and ridership of both trainers and owners of soft gaited horses;
2. Expand the awareness and pleasure of ownership of the soft gaited horses;
3. Enhance the versatility of the soft gaited horse;
4. Strive to encourage participation of soft gaited horses in competitions of dressage, stadium trail obstacle and cross country events at the national and international levels.


  1. This sounds awesome. Thanks for letting us know about this event. I will be trying to find more information for the next years competition.

  2. Interesting- I think its good that they are having an event which showcases gaited horses versatility. The can do things besides pace.


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