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Equine rabies is on the rise, and it’s always fatal, vet says
Have you ever seen a vicious horse frothing at the mouth, pawing the ground with glaring eyes in a rabid attack? From the News Bulletin. Read more >>

In Other News

R&R Ranch horses are child whisperers
Eight years ago, Barbara Childs was a stay-at-home mom with two kids, three horses and burgeoning boarding fees. From Brandon News Tribune. Read more >>

ML History: As Main Line as it gets – The Devon Horse Show
If you live on the Main Line and even have the faintest knowledge of horses and equestrians, you probably know the answer to this “Jeopardy” riddle — “Where the Champions Meet.” From Main Line Media News. Read more >>

NC lawmakers want wild mustangs as state horse
North Carolina lawmakers agree that the horses living wild along the Outer Banks are a symbol of the state. From WLOS. Read more >>

Woman fights to keep mini horse in backyard
Claudia Bradford knew the letter would eventually come. From The York Daily Record. Read more >>

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