Last American Cowboy Premiers Monday on Animal Planet


CowboysHidden amid the mammoth- Montana landscape are three family-owned and operated cattle ranches and the setting of Animal Planet’s newest original series, Last American Cowboy. This epic adventure follows three families of tough, tenacious and headstrong cowboys through freak storms, deadly outbreaks of disease, hungry predators and forest fires that threaten their livelihood. Each ranch will need to rely on family bonds and personal strength to keep this tradition of the American West alive.

Premiering Monday, June 7, at 10 PM (ET/PT), Last American Cowboy shares the highs and lows of life on a ranch for the Hughes, Galt and Stucky families. From the multi-generational ranch family committed to working only on horseback to the modern rancher who uses high-tech equipment, all-terrain vehicles and even a helicopter to manage his massive operation to the small nuclear family determined to persevere against all odds, all must struggle to make ends meet and all are deeply committed to this classic way of life lived close to the land.

The Hughes family, the smallest of the three ranches, is as close to “Little House on the Prairie” as you can get. Scott and Stacey Hughes, along with their three-year old son and nine-year-old daughter, live on a 12,000-acre ranch and manage their herd of 500 Black Angus all alone.  Comparatively, the Galt Ranch is one of the largest cattle ranches in Montana with over 100,000 acres, 5,500 cattle and 100 horses. It is so vast that owner Bill Galt manages it from the sky in his own helicopter. Bill and the rest of the Galt family believe technology is the future of ranching and necessary to efficiently run a ranch of this size and caliber.  Contrary to the Galt family, the Stuckys are traditional ranchers choosing horseback over ATVs and doing most of the work by hand. Keeping these traditions alive is deeply important to the entire clan, and as the ranch continues to grow and expand, the Stuckys hope it will be passed down through generations.

“The families featured in Last American Cowboy have extraordinary and compelling stories of grit and determination as they struggle to preserve their way of life for future generations,” says Marjorie Kaplan, president and general manager of Animal Planet Media.  “The rawness and tenacity of the American West has built their character and continues to test it everyday, and we are privileged to offer our viewers a glimpse into an authentic way of life few get to see first hand.”

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  1. What channel is it on ? cause i live in canada quebec, and i do have animal planet and when i check if it’s playing monday at 10p.m …it’s nowhere to be found !!! :0(

  2. I love Animal Planet and I was fortunate enough to tune into Animal Planet last Monday night and what a wonderful surprise. The Last American Cowboy was on and it was the first night of the series and it was so interesting. I had heard living and working on a ranch could and would be a rough life but the extreme weather conditions makes it even tougher. Much success to the producers of this series and to the families participating.

  3. Most of the show seems realistic, aside from some of the dramatic things, like pulling calves a little “early”. Lightening during a snowstorm. (yes, it can happen, but adds alot of drama too) But the saddest thing, which I have experienced, is out there trying to help your husband, working like a man, raising the kids, and then they cuss you like nobodys business….I have been in those embarassing situations, like Stacy was with her spoiled husband. Totally uncalled for, and altho they act sorry, it happens over and over again. It doesn’t change.

  4. Just finished watching the last night of this series. Loved it!!!!! I hope that animal planet brings this back with different families in Montana or families in other states that still ranch.

  5. I loved the series Last American Cowboy and hope that Animal Planet brings them back. It is so refreshing to see a really good reality show. My family could not wait for Monday night. Not only were we allowed to snoop into the lives of these three ranchers, we were also privileged to see the beautiful and open-range of our country. A lot of kids have no idea what a beautiful country we live in.

  6. Would love to see another season of this show, I was hooked and looked forward to watching this show every Monday… Please do another season.. Absolutely loved the beauty of the families and their hard work and dedication to their work…

  7. Loved the show and would like to see another season. Great family show that shows what the life of a rancher is really like. Also would like to be able to purchase the entire season on DVD.

  8. Are you guys going to do another season. My family loved this series. The best out there. Please please please do another season


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