Collegiate Riders Showcased During the NRHA Derby


ReiningTwelve accomplished collegiate riders will experience the ultimate  catch ride at the 2010 Collegiate Reining Championships at NRHA Derby in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Riders in the championship have proven their abilities in the show ring and qualified to compete against their peers at this national competition.

NRHA selects four riders from a pool of collegiate NRHA members. This year a record number of applicants were evaluated on a number of criteria including NRHA points, earnings and show history. The individuals selected to compete on behalf of NRHA are:

Sarah Locker – University of Georgia
Helen Lauth – South Dakota State University
Lyndsey Jordan – Auburn University
Jesse Gentile – Ohio State University

Four individuals are selected to represent NCAA Varsity Equestrian competitors. The riders are evaluated by a committee of collegiate coaches who recommend the top four Reining athletes. The riders selected to compete on behalf of Varsity Equestrian are:

Maggie Gratny – Texas A&M University
Rebecca McReynolds – New Mexico State University
Diandra St. Hilaire – University of Georgia
Carrie von Uhlit – Texas Christian University

The Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) is represented by the top four placing individuals in Open Reining. This year, the qualifying competition was held in Lexington, Kentucky at the IHSA National Championships. The riders who qualified to compete on behalf of IHSA are:

Jason Romney – Utah State University
Alexandra Jones – Berry College
Kelsey Moody – St. Andrews Presbyterian College
Jillian Staurowsky – University of Deleware 

Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of the excitement. The success of this competition depends on horses being donated for the collegiate riders. Fourteen horses will be needed, one for each of the 12 competitors plus 2 alternate horses. As a thank you, each donated horse’s stall fees will be refunded after the Derby.  

“The Collegiate Reining Championship is a showcase for some of the best horses and young riders in the sport of Reining,” said Ollie Griffith, IHSA National Steward and NRHA Judge.  “This program gives owners and competitors a chance to highlight their skills on a national level.”

For more information or if you are interested in helping this great cause or know of someone who is, please contact Brian Bendele or Shianne Megel at the NRHA office at 405-946-7400.

Other events at the NRHA Derby include:

  • SmartPak Exhibitor Party On June 22, exhibitors will participate in a 3-on-3 basketball tournament, an egg and spoon race, and other family-friendly activities
  • NRHA Awards Banquet and Hall of Fame Inductions The 2009 NRHA World Champions and 2010 Hall of Fame inductees will be honored at a banquet on June 24.
  • NRHyA Art and Photo Contest Winners of the 2010 Art and Photo Contest will be announced on Saturday

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