United States Equestrian Drill Championships Underway


Many of the top equestrian drill teams in the southern United States are competing this week at Super Ride VIII, the United States Equestrian Drill Championship. The competition is sponsored and hosted by Lindale, TX, a small city east of Dallas.

Equestrian Drill is a team sport that requires careful precision and many hours of practice. Riders must be able to control their horses’ speed while being aware of the other horses on the team to stay in formation. Drill teams can have as few as four horses or as many as 20. Any breed, including grade horses, can compete in drill as long as they can remain focused and obedient while working very closely with other horses.

Watch video from Super Ride IV, the 20006 Championships

Drill teams are noted for uniformity, typically sporting matching attire, including saddle pads and other tack embellishments. Teams are usually matched based on the type of horse, such as stock-type or gaited breeds. In competition, drill teams are judged on their timing and coordination, originality, horsemanship, and crowd appeal.

This year, Super Ride VIII will be streaming some competition highlights online. Watch live coverage of the United States Equestrian Drill Championship (USEDC) Ride of Champions beginning at 7:30 pm Eastern Time on Friday, June 25. Coverage continues with the Open Division National Drill Championship on Saturday, June 26 at 5:15 pm Eastern Time. Bookmark this page to watch the live streaming below, or visit superride.us 

Live streaming video by Ustream


  1. That was fun to watch. Looks hard but fun. Too bad the camera angle was so close that we couldn’t see the patterns.


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