Halters of Thoroughbred Champions on the Auction Block for Charity


ZenyattaSince early 2009, the Thoroughbred racing world’s headliners have been two female horses, the four-year-old Horse of the Year Rachel Alexandra and undefeated six-year-old Zenyatta.

These two superhorses are now helping raise money for The Race for Education through the online auction site eBay. Halters worn by Zenyatta and Rachel Alexandra are being made available with the bidding closing on July 6.

The Race for Education is a non-profit organization that provides scholarships to children of low-income equine industry workers as well as youth who aspire to work in the horse industry. Through tuition assistance, financial management training, mentoring services and assistance in finding internships, The Race for Education helps strengthen the future of the horse industry by helping the next generation of horse industry professionals.

While Rachel Alexandra and Zenyatta have never met on the track, their rivalry has ignited enthusiasm among racing fans. The two mares were the only contenders for 2009’s Horse of the Year title. While Rachel Alexandra took the title, Zenyatta came back this year to win her 17th consecutive race, breaking the previous record.

At the time of this article’s publication, Zenyatta is easily winning this race against her rival with her halter’s current bid more than double that of Rachel Alexandra’s.

Click here for Rachel Alexandra’s halter.

Click here for Zenyatta’s halter


  1. Wow, that would be great. I got to meet one of the handlers for Rachel Alexander. She sounds like a great horse. To bad they will be out of my spending. I’d be afraid something would happen to it.

  2. I wonder if these are for real. The halters are identical and the spelling is incorrect in the auction. I wonder if someone is just trying to make a quick buck.


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