More Than 100 Miniature Horses in Need of Homes at Houston SPCA

105 Miniature Horses were surrendered by a Texas owner
Photo: Houston SPCA

Earlier this week, a Texas horse owner has voluntarily surrendered a herd of 105 Miniature Horses to the Houston SPCA. The owner also gave up 46 dogs. She admitted she was not financially able to care for the massive number of animals she had bred, but was allowed to keep some of her animals with the SPCA monitoring their care.

The owner cited the bad economy as the reason she was unable to care for her animals. However, local CBS affiliate KBTX reported that the owner had over 140 minis and 80 dogs on a three-acre ranch, an arrangement that would be unsustainable even in a prosperous economic climate.

The animals are reported to be underweight and the horses are in need of proper hoof care, but they are all expected to recover. Investigators report that the animals seem friendly, but they will undergo health and behavior screening before being made available for adoption.

The Houston SPCA is seeking assistance in the form of volunteer veterinary and farrier care, as well as donations of mini-sized halters. To make a donation or find out about fostering or adopting any of these horses or dogs, visit


  1. In some states there are laws that require a certain amount of acerage per horse. I don’t know if that pertains to this particular state, but I sure am glad to hear of the voluntary surrender of these animals. At least they are expected to make a full recovery. It sounds like this person is an animal hoarder or someone who loves animals and just got carried away.

  2. I would take one or two if they were closer. I have a suggestion that they hold an auction similar to the mustangs and send a group of them to perhaps another area for adoption. People signing up as bidders would have to be approved as with a rescue before they can get their bidders number.

  3. I would love to adopt some of the 100 minis from the Houston ASPCA! I already have a mini gelding and he’s spoiled rotten, along with my welsh pony I adopted, my TB mare, my Arab mare I rescued, and my Anglo Arab gelding- all rescues. I’ve got a barn, Arena, 2 grass turnouts, and it’s hard to find minis here in Las Vegas! PLEASE send me info on what you have available- I can take on two mares( I like to see their color and conformation, they will be trained to pull a four mini carriage and shown, as well as the best care!) my Farrier is very experienced on feet problems- when I adopted my welsh pony we discovered he has laminitis, but he’s shod with pads and a gooey medicine between the pad and foot- he’s a bigger welsh and his laminitis is actually improving and I decided to ride him and he WANTED to trot and canter through the desert around our 2 acre ranch, after two hours I was done but he still wanted to go! They would have forever homes, that’s what I do- and I teach kids from as young as 4 and up to actually groom, lead, and ride my mini! We’ve got a small saddle for him- and he’s great! PLEASE contact me at 1-702-461-9991 and if I don’t answer please leave me a number to reach you!! One persons tragedy is another’s WILDEST DREAM!!!
    Thank you so much!
    Bridgett Kinsey
    BKH Ranch
    Las Vegas, NV
    190 E Shelbourne
    Las Vegas, NV 89123

  4. If you have any of those horses left, I would like to get them. I’ll pay 10% below market, since it’s been a minute and I’m sure they’ve depreciated. I’m opening an exclusive restaurant here in Vegas where the patrons get to choose the animal to be slaughtered and fed to them (like lobster tanks only with shotguns, knives or sarin gas). Mini’s would be ideal for this climate. I will take very good care of them and be sure that they only get served with the finest arugula garnish, on 16th century flatware. I prefer that they do not have names since, that will humanize them, and the customers might get a little squeamish. It’s best just to call them by id tags.
    Hi Bridgett (wave)

  5. would love some mini ponies at my farm. Please contct me asap! I have 6 acres for those babies.
    please contact me. Thank you.

  6. I would love to have two miniatures for my ranch in Bertram TX. We have 135 acres and a ranch hand to help care for them. This is a loving pet friendly ranch!


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