Aid Groups Help Equines Stranded by Pakistan’s Floods

Equines at an emergency station in Pakistan
Donkeys and horses share feed provided by The Brooke at their emergency relief point in Mardan. Photo courtesy The Brooke

Millions of Pakistanis have been affected by floods that began a month ago and continue to spread with the continuing monsoon season. Many people have been displaced from their homes while farmlands have been destroyed by flood waters, creating a serious food shortage.

Foreign aid money has begun to reach the affected areas, but as is often the case with natural disasters, the country’s animal population is suffering. Rural Pakistanis depend on horses, donkeys and livestock for income and food, but many animals were left behind or stranded during evacuations. Hundreds of thousands of animals died in the floods, and with the spread of disease and food shortages, thousands more are at risk.

The populations of horses and other large animals are especially at risk as they can not be transported as easily as poultry and other small animals. Some farmers were forced to leave their equines, cattle and buffalo behind in the evacuation. Many of those that have been recovered are suffering from infections, disease and injury.

The Brooke provides veterinary care
Dr. Rab Nawaz tends to a horse’s eye at the Brooke relief and treatment contact point in Mardan. Photo courtesy The Brooke

British equine welfare charity The Brooke has had operations in Pakistan for nearly 20 years. Veterinarians and other workers from The Brooke are currently administering vaccines and first aid to horses and donkeys as well as providing them with food and clean drinking water.

One of The Brooke’s primary initiatives is to teach local horse owners how to properly care for their animals. Equines, especially donkeys, are being used as pack animals to transport farmers’ belongings as the evacuations continue. Donkeys are also being used to bring supplies to remote areas that are not accessible to vehicular traffic. Aid workers are continuing their work of teaching first aid and proper care to help ensure that the animals remain sound and healthy to continue helping their owners during this devastating time.

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