Do You Have America’s Favorite Trail Horse?


Trail ride through waterThe American Competitive Trail Horse Association (ACTHA) is seeking charistmatic trail
horses and riders for their new reality TV series, America’s Favorite Trail Horse. All
trail riders are invited to submit an application to audition.

Here’s how it works.

Stage 1 – Attend an Audition near you

WHEN: April 11 – April 24, 2011. Entries are limited. Weekend slots
will be given to early entrants. Applicants will be notified of their audition time and location by phone
and email with at least two weeks advanced notice.

WHERE: Once all entries are in, exact locations will be determined.
See current audition locations at

HOW: Approximately 100 horse & rider teams will be selected as
finalists from the regional auditions. They will be represented in two age divisions: over
45 and under 45 (must be at least 21). Each region will be represented in the national

Auditioners will be judged on a wide range of criteria including the timely completion of
ACTHA’s trail obstacles. Those moving on will be notified at least two weeks before the
national finals.

Auditions will be filmed and featured selectively on ACTHA TV (coming soon) and on
national TV.

Stage 2 – The National Finals!

All regional winners will be invited to come to the National Finals near Austin, Texas
May 8th -12th, 2011.

Festivities will include:

  • A six mile one day judged Competitive Trail Challenge to be enjoyed by all
    finalists. This CTC will be held on one of ACTHA’s most beautiful ranch venues.
  • Several days of schooling and being coached on a wide array of ACTHA’s trail
    obstacles. Ample time will be given during the week for question and answer sessions as
    well as interviews.
  • Clinics from ACTHA’s founders and celebrity clinicians complete with ample time for
    question and answer sessions.
  • Tours of local area attractions.

Then….Awards by America’s Live Vote!

In at least 10 selected episodes aired on National TV, America will vote for their
favorite horse in that episode. The horse with the most votes will win $5000 per selected
episode! (Can only be won once).

In the final episodes, America will be selecting their favorite trail horse and

1st place – $25,000
2nd place – $15,000
3rd place – $10,000

Learn more about ACTHA and America’s Favorite Trail Horse at

Affiliated Breed Associations
The National Walking Horse Association,
Arabian Horse Association,
Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Association,
American Paint Horse Association,
Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association,
American Morgan Horse Association,
United Mountain Horse,
American Gaited Mountain Horse,
The American Indian Horse Registry,
International Purebred Appaloosa Association,
Appaloosa Horse Club

Questions? Contact the American Competitive Trail Horse Association at 877-992-2842.


  1. I think it’s going to be a great way to bring trail riding to a new level! It’s about time that trail riding is recognized as a legitimate sport, not just a hobby!

  2. I definitely have America’s Favorite Trail Horse. As a foal, Sniggy got kicked by another mare and fractured her humerus. Dr. Jeff Watkins at Texas A&M was doing research on an interlocking nail to repair long bone fractures. It has been 16 years and numerous trail rides, barrel races, etc. and Sniggy, “Nailed to the Bar” is a testiment to “they don’t shoot horses anymore”! Please consider this outstanding mare for AFTH!


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