Zenyatta Breyer Model Will Benefit Thoroughbred Charities


Zenyatta BreyerTeam Zenyatta has announced that they are graciously donating their share of the proceeds from the sale of the Zenyatta Breyer Horse model to Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses (CANTER), Old Friends and Race for Education (RFE).

On January 9, Zenyatta made the announcement on her blog at www.zenyatta.com.

“From a very early point in my career, my Team felt it was quite important for me to be philanthropic,” states Zenyatta’s blog. “Life often presents so many different types of challenges. This is true for people as well as my fellow horses. It is the belief of MY TEAM that when one is in a position to offer a ‘helping hoof’…..one should do so!”

CANTER is a nationwide organization that helps connect retired racehorses in need of new homes with prospective owners. The program started in Michigan and now has chapters from New England to California and several locations in between.

Kentucky-based Old Friends, which also has a New York location, provides a retirement home for rescued and aging Thoroughbred racehorses, stallions and broodmares.

The Race for Education provides assistance for children of agricultural and Thoroughbred-industry employees by providing college scholarships, educational advising, financial literacy programs. RFE has provided more than $2.5 million in college scholarships for students in need of financial aid.

Click here for more information on the Zenyatta Breyer model. 

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Old Friends
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  1. Once again, the owners of Zenyatta show their class and are giving back to the industry. I wish more owners were so generous with their winnings and give back to the industry that gave them the life style they have today. This includes trainers as well. Some win title after title but give little or none back. Yet, they sure enjoy the limelight that their top stars bring. Owners and some trainers grab the lead to walk their charges in the winners circle but never grab a lead to help them live the remainder of their lives the way they deserve from claimers to stakes winners.

  2. Great idea! Using a wonderful model to make money for those who need it, and give those who want a treasure of their fave racer.

  3. I love to see breyer horses and charities put together like that. If I give any models as presents it’s usually the ones with a cause.


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