Equine Actor Takes on a New Role in Equine Assisted Therapy


Rich in Dallas is a bay Thoroughbred, approximately 15 hands, and unremarkable in appearance. That made him a perfect candidate to play the title role of Seabiscuit in the 2003 movie. He was one of several horses used to play Seabiscuit, and most notably starred in a scene where jockey Red Pollard (played by Tobey Maguire) gallops him across open country in front of scenic fall foliage.

After the movie was filmed, Dallas went back to the track where he ran in claiming races. According to The Oklahoman, a race fan recognized him, purchased him for $2,500 and donated him to the Exceller Fund, a Thoroughbred rescue organization that rehabilitates and rehomes ex-racehorses.

While under the ownership of the Exceller Fund, Dallas spent some time meeting fans at the Kentucky Horse Park. Earlier this year, the Exceller Fund contacted the Tulsa Boys Home, a residential treatment center for teenage boys with mental health or behavior issues, to find out if they would be interested in having Dallas and his pasture buddy Samson join their herd.

Now 16 years old, Dallas, who will likely go by Seabiscuit at his new home, will be a therapy horse for the more advanced students in the Equine Assisted Therapy program. Boys in the equine program learn how to take care of the horses in addition to working with them in therapy sessions.

Rich in Dallas will remain in the program indefinitely.


  1. another horse that played seabiscuit was named Fighting ferrei(i dont think I spelt that rigth) they call him fred and now after his debut on seabiscuit and at the track now he is jumping

  2. Yay for Dallas and Sampson! And….thanks to the Exceller Fund and its members, fosters for all their efforts to take care of the ex-racers after they’re done racing. You can learn more about the Thoroughbreds the Exceller Fund has helped at http://www.excellerfund.org.


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