Presentation materials from 2010 Sound Horse Conference are now available

 Tennessee Walking Horse

Friends of Sound Horses (FOSH) is pleased to announce that the audio proceedings of the entire third Sound Horse Conference are available at the Conference website:

In addition to making the audio portion available for each of the esteemed presenters, all slide show material is available for viewing at no charge. Originally the conference organizers planned to charge $75 for access to this information, but reconsidered that decision after receiving many comments from the public wishing the conference proceedings to be free to encourage those who did not have the benefit of attending to learn from these resources.

Multiple panels and workshops at the Conference included officials from the USDA, expert attorneys, research and practicing veterinarians, horse industry organization (HIO) representatives, experienced judges, sound horse trainers, farriers and influential industry leaders. Question and answer sessions from the audience take place following each panels’ discussion.

The Sound Horse Conference was held November 5 and 6 in Louisville, KY. The purpose of the Sound Horse Conference is to end soring. Soring is the illegal and cruel practice of using chemical and mechanical methods to create pain in a gaited show horse’s front feet to exaggerate their animated step, most prevalent in Tennessee Walking Horses.

For more information about FOSH, visit or call 1-800-651-7993.


  1. I am going to send the link to a friend who has two Tenn. Walkers. It was nice of them to let everyone view/listen to it for free.

  2. I first saw Tennessee Walkers in books when I was little, I thought they were so pretty. Then I saw the big lick horses and was disgusted. How could anyone think that looked good? I moved away from wanting a TWH because of it… they were all you saw, I never even knew of the flat shod and barefoot walkers. I’m Glad FOSH and so many other people are standing up for these beautiful horses. I hope that soring will go away completely.And these beautiful horses can go back to the way they were before soring.

  3. I have grown up riding Walking horses and I love the breed they are beautiful horses. When I moved to KY I started working for a walking horse farm and riden the horses in the shows I loved what I was doing. But after a while working there the people started putting them on pads and heavy shoes on them and I noticed that they was putting things on their legs and I wasn’t thinking nothing about it cause it was new to me until I seen the horses couldn’t stand you touching their legs I was shocked when I was seeing things like this going on with the horses. I had a talk with the trainer and I told them that I did not like what was going on and that I was not going to work for someone that was going to abuse the horses like that so I quite my job and I told them that I was going to turn them in for it if it doesn’t stop. There for a while they did stop doing the stuff and I was happy to see they was doing good and after a few months they moved and they was doing it again and starving the horses if they didn’t work out right they did get shut down cause the law seen what was going on and they lost everything.. When I heard about that on the news I was so happy that the law got them and the horses was saved.. Everyone thinks that it is so pretty seeing them do all that so called ( BIG LICK ) but everyone needs to know what they do to get them to do that all it is just man made it’s not natrual the way it should be let the horses walk the way they was born too do not by hurting them it’s not right.. 🙂


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