Don’t trail ride alone–find a buddy


Group trail ridingACTHA, the American Competitive Trail Horse Association has launched a program called Find A Buddy, found on the ACTHA website.

The FAB program was created for the trail rider who is interested in finding riding buddies in their area. It is a free, easy to use, social networking message system for the trail riding community and is available for ACTHA members and non-members.

Carrie Scrima, co-founder of ACTHA said, “Find a Buddy is a wonderful way to get to know other trail riders in your community. Trail riding is so much more fun when you have others who share your passion for horses and riding beautiful trails.”

The “Find A Buddy” program is available only at ACTHA’s website. To learn more or try it out, log on to or call (877)99-ACTHA for additional information.

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  1. I always try to make sure someone is with me when I go out riding. You never know what is going to happen out there alone. I think everyone should have someone with them at all times.

  2. Riding alone or in a group is a big risk in my neighborhood. Around here you wind up being chased by dogs, nearly run over by cars that deliberately swerve at you, possibly being mugged and having your horse stolen, and even getting shot at. Thats why I go to a ranch to ride.

  3. Wow..I didn’t realize trail riding was so dangerous. Getting mugged? Shot? What has this world come to? I would like to drive with someone in a cart (minis)

  4. Trail riding is not only the most fun many of us have on a horse but also can indeed be the most dangerous of all horse sports when riding the back country alone. Not saying it’s wrong just that most would prefer the company of a friend. That’s why we started FAB….it’s totally free to anyone and you need not be a member of actha!
    ACTHA…where Kids Ride Free!

  5. i am signed up on the fab list, and have been for nearly 5 months. i sent a message to 3 different people who live within 20 miles of me, and asked them would they like to join me and a few of my friends on some nearby rides this year. that’s been over a month ago, and i still havent gotten a response! im beginning to wonder if i’ll even hear from them at all……this seems like a nice way to find others to ride with, but only if they message you back!

  6. Where do you sign up to find a horseback riding buddy without signing up to be a member of ACTHA?
    Love the Idea!!
    I tried another site and sent a message to a person that lived very close to me…but I never received a response. It would be nice to know (even if they don’t respond) if they actually viewed the request. Do you agree??

  7. Where do you sign up to find a horseback riding buddy without signing up to be a member of ACTHA?
    Hopefully I’ll get a response.


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