Barn fire kills 24 Arabian horses in Ohio


Barn fireThe owners of Oasis Farm near Cincinnati, Ohio are grieving today over the loss of approximately 24 horses killed in a barn fire on April 5. According to an Associated Press report, fire officials believe the fire started when a heating lamp used to warm a newborn foal tipped over. The entire facility was destroyed.

Oasis farm is an Arabian breeding and boarding operation specializing in Crabbet bloodlines. Before the fire, there were around 40 horses on the farm. The farm’s owners, Debbie Crosby, Frank Noll and their daughter, Sarah, along with firefighters and volunteers were able to rescue approximately 16 of the horses. The majority of the horses belonged to the farm.

The Arabian Horsemens’ Distress Fund (AHDF) is collecting donations to help Oasis Farm’s owners recover and care for the surviving horses. The AHDF provides financial assistance to members of the Arabian horse community in times of crisis. To learn more about the Fund or send a donation to help Oasis Farm, visit

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  1. OMG,that is soooooooooooooo sad.If i wasn’t at work i would be crying. I am the only horse lover here,so they would be laughing at me forever.

  2. what a tragedy, 🙁 i am sooo sorry to hear of their loss, and the loss of the arabian community. a barn fire is any horseowners worst nightmare. i hope the horses didnt suffer any. its just a horrible, horrible, tragedy. no words can come close to express my sympathy.

  3. My greatest fear…FIRE!!
    I hope I have enough funds to make a donation.
    Note to Peggy…cry, its not your fault that others do not have feelings.

  4. Oh my goodness!! I am soooooo sorry for their loss. 🙁 This has always been my biggest fear is a fire in my barn with the horses in there that’s why I don’t even bother locking them up at all so they can get out when they want.

  5. That is so sad. My heart goes out to the owners and the horses. I am a huge Arabian fan, and I breed the crabit line as well. I will make a donation of any money I have. My prayers go out to them and the horses.

  6. How terrible. I wish more people would be careful with things like that. Personally they seem a little careless.

  7. that is very sad. There has been to many fires with heat lamps that people need to use an alternative or find a better way to use them.

  8. Oh my god!!!! I can’t image how the owners are feeling. And those poor horses! Being burnt alive….uggg….it makes me shutter. At least there are some survivors, and no person was injured, unless they forgot to mention that… wishes and regards to the owners! Keep on chugging!!!!

  9. How awful. My heart goes out to them. I can’t believe how many times I have used those types of heaters. Only by chance did I avoid such a tragedy. Lord knows I took a gamble by using one. I will never leave one unattended again if I ever use that kind of heat ever again! There are so many other options. Good luck to all and when in doubt, play it safe.


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