The Jockey Club launches new program to help find homes for retired Thoroughbreds


Adopt a ThoroughbredThe Jockey Club, the registry for Thoroughbreds in the United States, has announced a new service to help place ex-racehorses in new homes after their careers at the track have ended.

Called Thoroughbred Connect, the service allows customers to put their name and contact information in the database to let the current owner of a Thoroughbred that they are interested in providing a home should the horse ever need one. Current owners can log in to the system if they have decided to retire a horse to find contact information for anyone interested in that horse. This allows owners and prospective adopters to connect directly rather than going through a rescue or adoption organization.

“Thoroughbred Connect is a natural extension of our ongoing effort to enhance the safety and welfare of Thoroughbreds and leverages our database and easy-to-use technology platform,” says Jockey Club President James L. Gagliano. “We encourage owners to use Thoroughbred Connect and make others aware of it.”

The service is available at no charge and is open to all Thoroughbred enthusiasts, whether or not they are current owners. To register a free account, visit



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