Canadian National Arabian Championship Horse Show begins today

Arabian and half-Arabian horses will be on stage at the Canadian Arabian and Half-Arabian Championship this week.

After more than 20 years in Regina, Saskatchewan, the Canadian National Arabian & Half-Arabian Championship Horse Show has a new venue. The second leg of the North American Arabian Triple Crown will now be held in the Keystone Centre in Brandon, Manitoba from August 15-20, 2011. A memo from Arabian Horse Association president Lance Walters cited contract issues with the previous venue as the impetus for the move, but expressed optimism about the new location.

“The facilities [at the Keystone Center] are designed for horse shows, has management in tune to horse show needs, and the city encourages our locating the Canadian National Arabian and Half Arabian Show there,” said Walters.

The show attracts Arabian exhibitors from approximately 40 states in the U.S. and six Canadian provinces. Classes are offered for junior exhibitors, amateur riders and professionals in many of the divisions the versatile Arabian excels in, from halter and show hack to dressage and working cow horse.

Canadian Nationals features some of the best show horses in North America. All horses must qualify for the show by competing at A-rated Arabian shows and Regional Arabian shows or at open shows for some divisions.

The show is free for spectators and is also available to view online at (free registration required.)

For more information, including a schedule of classes, visit



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