Hawaiian donkeys will be available for adoption on the mainland


DonkeysHawaiian donkeys, formerly living as feral animals on Hawaii’s Big Island, are finding new homes after being airlifted to California last weekend with help from the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). The effort is part of a plan to reduce the overpopulation of the animals on the island.

According to HSUS, the donkeys on the island today are descendents of animals once used in Hawaii’s coffee industry. When agricultural practices became mechanized, the donkeys were turned loose where they had to compete with cattle ranches and residential development for space and food.

Hawaii cattle rancher Stan Boteilho saw the starving donkeys when they wandered on to land he leased for his cattle. He connected with local veterinarian Dr. Brady Bergin and HSUS, and the rehoming plan was born. The donkeys were trapped and gelded before being sent to rescues for rehabilitation and adoption into new homes.

The donkeys brought to California this weekend will be staying at Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue where they will be evaluated for future adoption.


  1. Those poor donkeys and little burros. Thankgoodness, that someone is helping them. I wonder how many other horses, donkeys, or even other animals are in need of help.

  2. That sure was a lot of donkeys and burros. Did they leave ANY behind? There were a bunch of them but none looked starving, they all looked like they were doing pretty good.
    The leased land the rancher is using, was it originally designated for the donkeys in the first place and now are being replaced by cattle?????
    Sounds all too familiar to me!!!!
    The video showed good pasture land, plenty of room for both cattle and burros. Then again, that was a lot of burros!!! But I still wonder if they left Burros behind or have they been “eliminated”? Have the cattle ranchers over there gotten rid of their “pests”???

  3. I didn’t even know there were donkeys on Hawaii and I’ve been there several times. Good to know that someone is looking out for them!

  4. I’ve been to peaceful Valley. all adoptable ones that I have seen have good dispositions and are halter broken, though they have no further training. The people there are really nice and make sure that the donkeys are well taken care of.


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