The famous Mister Ed will soon make his silver screen debut


In the early 1960s, American TV audiences were charmed by a
talking horse named Mister Ed, an opinionated palomino who could speak fluent
English, but chose only to speak to his owner, Wilbur. Mister Ed was a popular sitcom that aired between 1961 and 1966,
and now, half a century later, Ed will make his big-screen debut.

The film rights to the character have been picked up by Studio
Fox 2000, the same studio that produced the 2006 horse movie Flicka. No writers
or director have been announced yet.

The original Ed was a palomino gelding of Arabian and
American Saddlebred breeding named Bamboo Harvester and voiced by actor Allan
Lane. Prior to his big break on the small screen, Bamboo Harvester was a show
and parade horse. No word yet on casting for the new film.

For the upcoming movie, Ed’s mouth will move with help from computer
animation. In the 1960s, the horse’s trainer moved his lips with a nylon thread
that went through his mouth. Eventually the equine actor learned to move his
lips when his human co-star stopped talking, according to Alan Young, the actor
who played Wilbur, in a 2009 interview.

This is not the first time that rumors have circulated about
a Mister Ed revival. A 2004 remake of the series was proposed for the Fox
television network. The pilot was filmed, but never picked up for broadcast.


  1. Grew up watching Mr. Ed and have owned palomino’s ever since. Between him and Trigger, it’s been yellow horses for my all my life. I can’t wait for the remake of that equine funny star.

  2. Love Mr Ed and think a big screen movie would be great.. however I hope the movie production company is more careful with the horses than they were in Flicka – when two or three horses were killed in the filming. I would think though Mr Ed would be a safer set. I never watched Flicka because of those horses death..

  3. that would be great watch the originals every Sat & Sunday just as I did when I was 9 years. I actually own a 8 year old Palomino QH gending that looks just like Mister ed and he won’t quit talking either he thinks he is human and gets mad when I won’t take him home when I leave! Would be great for the horse industry.

  4. Great idea BUT unfortunately remakes etc never do justice to the original. One thing to have Mr Ed reborn in film but it is the other characters such as Alan Young etc that made this series as well.


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