Thoroughbred Horse Show Association puts the spotlight on ex-racers


Thoroughbred dressageThoroughbreds that have finished their racing
careers often go on to excel in sport and show disciplines. While many
organizations exist to help retrain and rehome ex-race horses, the Thoroughbred
Horse Show Association (THSA) was created to create opportunities to showcase
the breed’s talents in the show ring.

The THSA was founded in the summer of 2011 by a
group of Thoroughbred enthusiasts in Kentucky with the goal of facilitating
horse shows just for off-the-track Thoroughbreds. The first shows will be held
during the 2012 season on April 14-15 and Oct. 6-7 at the Kentucky Horse Park. Horses
will compete in hunters, jumpers, dressage and competitive trail riding.

THSA shows are open to Jockey Club registered
Thoroughbreds and are geared toward horses just starting out in second careers
as show horses. Horses at THSA shows compete under their Jockey Club names so
that fans can follow their favorite race horses in their second careers.

To find out more about the THSA, visit


  1. This is fantastic!! What a wonderful way to prove that these horses have worth as something more than going to the killers. After the first set of shows, how about having them in different states?

  2. That orgaization is wonderful. Do they only get the rescue or slaughter horses? Do they have to pay if a trainer/owner has a horse or is it donated?

  3. I think this is awesome and I hope it comes to Camden Sc home of one of the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundations Seabiscuit Stables at Wateree Correctional Facility. We have a lot of thoroughbred enthusiast here too. Also home of Carolina and Colonial Cup. 🙂 I am so excited about this. Not only will people be able to see that these horses are capable of more then just racing. If its not a Thoroughbred its just a horse.

  4. That`s great! they get a 2nd horse sport in life after there raceing days are over they can do a diffrent sport i love how HORSES can get 2nd chances in life it make me happy.:]


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