Equine Photographers Network showcases less-fortunate horses


Horse eyeMembers of the Equine Photographers Network (EPNet), a group of over 500 photographers from around the world who specialize in the photography of horses, are planning to focus their lenses on story projects that will highlight the plight of many unfortunate horses again this year.

Equine Photographers are able to capture many lovely moments with cherished and well maintained horses, but there are many equines that are not so lucky.

This year this project will be open to any photographer wishing to share a story of horses in need. The only requirement is to be registered at the forum to submit your story.

Photographers are invited to create an awareness campaign by using their photojournalism skills to highlight adverse issues or situations regarding horse welfare and to help promote equine protection.

A call is being put out to rescue groups and rescue workers who feel their projects should be documented and brought to the attention of the world. Possible story ideas might include recycled racehorses, sanctuaries, BLM holding pens, auction houses, retirement facilities, rescue foster homes, and rescue workers. Each story idea should include no more than eight photos accompanied by editorial text.

The mission of this project is to shine a light on the condition of horses in need around the world, and the work that individuals, rescues and other organizations are doing to save them from uncertain futures. View the projects that were submitted in 2010 here.

In addition to this project EPNet maintains a list of member photographers willing to donate their services to rescue workers and organizations. Click here to view the list.
Rescue workers are urged to contact EPNet members to aid them in documenting their work.

Photos from this project will be featured in an upcoming special rescue edition of the online EPNet newsletter and will be available to American Horse Publication (AHP) members for possible publication.

The deadline for submitted material is December 1, 2011.

Additional information on participating in this project can be found here on the Equine Photographers Network forum.

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  1. I truly am againest abusing, neglecting, and sluaghtering horses. It feels so great to here about how such a wonderful thing is going to make a change in this equine world.

  2. Any information out there regarding the unfortunate horse’s and the organizations that care for them is well worth it. Good luck photographers!


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