Stolen Horse International benefit auction begins Friday


Horse in winterStolen Horse International (SHI), also known as, is a unique organization that helps owners of lost or stolen
horses network with others to find their animals. They are also the leading
source of educational resources regarding horse theft prevention.

To kick off the holiday season, SHI is holding its
annual fundraising auction on eBay, and they are seeking donations of goods and
services from horse lovers to make the auction a success. Suggested donation
items include artwork, tack and stable equipment, books, DVDs, jewelry and

Current items for this year’s auction include Parelli
DVDs, horsehair jewelry, vacation lodging packages, equine art and more. The
auction will open for bidders on Friday, Nov. 25 and run until around Dec. 1.

For more information, including instructions on how
to donate and a preview of some of the items that will be available in this
year’s auction, visit



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