Arrest made in Southern Arkansas University stolen horse case

Credit Card
Credit Card, a registered Quarter Horse owned by SAU Rodeo team president Shaun Smith, was found dead on Nov. 25, 2011. Photo:

A disturbing breakthrough has been made in the investigation into the theft of five Southern Arkansas University rodeo horses, including one that was found dead. SAU freshman Jaci Rae Jackson was arrested on six felony theft charges. She is also being held on felony charges of bringing stolen property into Oklahoma, concealing stolen property and cruelty to animals. Jackson was a member of the SAU rodeo team.

The five horses were stolen, along with an aluminum trailer and several items of tack, early in the morning of Nov. 3. The trailer and tack was found that evening near the Arkansas/Oklahoma border, but the horses were nowhere to be found. Four of the five horses were found tied in a wooded area on Nov. 15, emaciated but alive. The fifth horse, a sorrel named Credit Card, was not with them.

On Nov. 25, Credit Card’s remains were found in the area near where the other horses had been recovered. According to an affidavit for Jackson’s arrest, she told an informant in a recorded conversation that she had wanted Credit Card killed, and her mother’s boyfriend shot the horse.

Authorities have not released a motive for the crimes, the affidavit states that Jackson had “romanitc problems” with one of the horse’s owners and that she had told an unnamed source that some of the horses’ owners “had made her mad.”

Two other arrest warrants have been issued, but police are not releasing the names of the suspects as they are still searching for them.

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  1. That makes me sick. Why would you kill a horse just because you didn’t like its owner? The horse didn’t do anything. They can think about their disicion while they sit in jail for what should be the rest of their lives.

  2. I think this girl and all her accomplices need to be hung from a very high tree! If she would have a horse stolen and killed because someone “made her mad”, then she’s a sociopath and needs to be put away for good. In my opinion, that’s not enough punishment, but since they don’t hang horse thieves anymore, life in prison is what she deserves. She and her buddies are all sick SOBs and need to be pushed out of an airplane without parachutes!

  3. She made be out but she better not be back in the rodeo!!!! And Dad isn’t any better. What is with that disturbed family. More than the book should be thrown at them. Hope the entire family is watched closely from now on. None of them should be allowed to be near any type of animal again.

  4. I am glad they found them. Even with the sad outcome hopefully Credit Card didn’t suffer and the others will make a full recovery. They should not let this person near another horse or any other animal ever again. Just because you get mad at someone is no cause for an animal made to suffer.

  5. Just watched Sweet Home Alabama , and heard about the stolen horses. I am a horse owner and would hate to have something happen to my mare. The crooks should be put in max. sec. prison, where their life would be hell!

  6. Just watched sweet home Alabama and found out about this. How could another horse person be sooo cruel and inhumane. That girl has got to be emotionally unstable. These thieves are monsters. I hope that they get treated as such.
    On the show they said CC starved or thirsted to death. This article says shot. I wish sometimes some laws were like the old west and people who are cruel to animals could be hung or shot.
    People who have no respect for animals are not deserving of being in our society
    My prayers to all those affected. My thoughts and prayer for all the horses. My love
    to all other animals that have been and are being put in similar circumstance. <3

  7. I can not believe someone can do that! she should be treated the same way she treated credit card!! starve her and lock her up for life!!!

  8. Shaun, I know it doesn’t help but at least he didn’t suffer. Animals aren’t stupid they know when someone means them harm but they trust anyway. Anyone that can hurt another living thing must have some very serious issues and as hard as it is we should feel “heart” for them being as theirs is so dried up that they can’t see how “heartless” they are being. RIP – Credit Card knowing you were LOVED.

  9. Shaun my heart goes out to you.My daughter and me have also shed a lot of tears for you.It is hard to believe we have the kind of people in this world that can do something like this.I belive you will meet up with Credit Card again one day.Our Hearts are with you.


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