Today is National Day of the Horse in the United States


Horse in winterSince 2004, December 13 has been recognized as National Day of the Horse in the United States. The designation was made to commemorate the contribution of horses to the economy, history and character of the United States. Read the full text of the resolution here.

While most horse owners and enthusiasts in the United States appreciate the equines in their lives every day, the Day of the Horse is a chance to reflect on the important role horses continue to play around the world. Whether you decide to play hooky and go for a trail ride, donate your time or money to an equine charity, or simply give your horse an extra carrot today, find a way to enjoy your National Day of the Horse.

For some ideas on how to celebrate, we asked our friends from the Horse Illustrated and Facebook pages to share how they would celebrate National Day of the Horse. Here are some of their responses.

  • “With my new horse, Winston! He is my best friend, and I can’t wait to spend National Day of the Horse with my best friend.”
    -Maddison M.
  • “Bonding time with the horses. Sounds like a great time to decorate their pasture for Christmas!”
    -Evie B.
  • “Hanging out with my horses, giving them lots of treats and thanking them for everything they do!”
    -Grace C.
  • “Riding my mare and training another mare for a friend.”
    -Nicole K.
  • “I’m going to bake some horse cookies for my horse!”
    -Karine L.
  • “By hugging my horses and just appreciating the fact that I am blessed enough to be a horse owner.”
    -Tracy E.
  • “By going out by my horses and appreciating all the good things they’ve done for me. They bring a smile to my face just thinking about them.”
    -Karen O.
  • “With my new horse, Wendy. She is my first horse ever! So glad I can spend National Day of the Horse with my own horse this year.”
    -Alysia C.

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