Retired Thoroughbred racehorses sought for equine lifestyle TV series


Retired racehorse
Thoroughbreds that have moved on from their racing careers can be found in the show ring, on the trail, gaming and even on the silver screen. A new segment in the upcoming season of Unbridled on HRTV, titled THORO’TALENT will highlight some of the remarkable horses who have gone on to great things after life on the track ended.

Unbridled Executive Producer Susan Kayne has announced that one of the featured horses will be Finder’s Key, one of the horses who played Joey in the movie War Horse. Finder also starred in the 2003 movie Seabiscuit. Although he never won a race, he is an example of how Thoroughbreds can achieve greatness in any career.

Plans are underway for THORO’TALENT features on other ex-racers who have had great success in the grand prix show jumping arena.

Unbridled is seeking submissions of stories about retired racehorses who have achieved success and changed lives in second careers, whether they are show-ring champions or special backyard companions. Submissions will be accepted from Jan. 10-31 for the 2012 season at

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  1. I had a OTTB and she was the best horse ever! I used her for endurance, sheep herding, and fox hunting. I don’t think one can go wrong with the versatile TB.

  2. Long-time adopter of OTTBs and I love them. Though I don’t show, I enjoy trail riding and jumping at home. OTTBs have always proven to be athletic and talented. Nothing was more exciting than watching one of my boys thundering through the fields or re-watching homemade videos of them learning how to jump. But above all else, a TB will bond with you and love you with the whole heart. When you have earned their love, they will willingly die trying to do anything you ask of them because it will make you happy.

  3. Hi Friends, This is Susan Kayne. First, THANK YOU for sharing our release — you are one of my longtime favorite equine resources on the web for Horse Lovers! Alex, a thoroughbred will take you places you never dreamed of, they have an inherent desire to please that is a pleasure to develop. Jennifer and Galadriel…if you haven’t already, send us your stories! Kygal, once we air I’d love to hear your feedback. Again, thanks to each of you for commenting and keeping the good news of thoroughbreds in the news. With appreciation, Susan Kayne


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