How to help equine industry interests alive in Washington


American flagDespite the low approval ratings for Congress, Americans are still interested in what Congress is doing. Why? Because what Congress does – or does not do – has an impact on the horse industry. This is true regardless of your breed or discipline, whether you are an individual owner, run a track or show, own a horse business, work in the industry as a service provider or ride for recreation.

It is important that we build relationships with our elected leaders in Washington and that they understand and appreciate the $102 billion horse industry’s contribution to the economic, sporting and recreational sectors of the U.S. and their states. 2012 is a terrific opportunity to do this because it is an election year and so many members of Congress and new candidates are running for federal office and they want to meet you.

One of the best ways to build a relationship is to simply invite a member of Congress to your farm or ranch or to an equestrian event back in the district or state. Invite other horse people so there is a built-in crowd of voters. A personal experience with the horse community makes an impression.

All across the country there are farms and ranches getting ready for the breeding season, a great time to showcase the industry. There are horse shows, large and small, races, rodeos, organized and disorganized trail rides, horse sales, etc. Each of these events is an opportunity to build a relationship with a member of Congress or a candidate and to help them understand the horse industry a little bit better. Remember that going to a horse farm or event is a pleasant way to spend a few hours. Having voters there makes it even more pleasant for those running for Congress.

There are many issues before Congress such as taxes, federal spending, immigration reform and racing legislation, trails legislation and disease programs that could all have profound implications for the horse industry. Only by having personal exchanges with their constituents, who are involved with the horse industry, will members of Congress fully appreciate how these issues impact the industry.

If you would like to invite a member of Congress to your facility or your organization has an upcoming event you think would be appropriate for your Senator or Representative to attend, please contact the AHC. The AHC will help you invite them and provide any guidance you might need. You can call or email the AHC at (202) 296-4031 or for help. Ask for our brochure, Getting Involved in the 2012 Elections, which will give you some pointers.

Please get involved. You will be helping yourself and your industry. And remember that while Congress’ approval rating as a whole is very low, polls still show that most people feel their Senator or Representative is doing a good job so you might even enjoy the visit. They will.


  1. Since I do not have a job, the only horse activity or event I really get to do is clean stalls. I should invite my Senator or Representative to help watch me work. He he he, that was just meant to be funny. It would be nice to get the government to fund the horse industry to help improve sstate it is in. But I really do not want the government into small backyard farms, or the 4-H type horse owners.

  2. I just wish these politicians would wake up and start worrying about America instead of other countries. Not that they don’t need help but we have starving people too. We need Gods guidance and the government keeps pushing Him out. Some of these laws that they have passed are for the BIG shots not the small time horse owners. God Bless America and the American horse owner.


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