Women win show jumping Battle of the Sexes at the Winter Equestrian Festival

Laura Kraut
Laura Kraut, shown here with Cedric at the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, has competed in every WEF Battle of the Sexes since it began in 2009. Photo: Leslie Potter

The husband-and-wife pair of Katie Monahan Prudent and Henri Prudent captained opposing teams in this year’s Nespresso Battle of the Sexes on Saturday, Jan. 28 at the Winter Equestrian Festival. At the end of the night, the women’s team came out ahead with a score of 29 points to the men’s 17. The women have dominated this event since it was launched at the Winter Equestrian Festival in 2009.

Both teams included well-known show jumpers, including Margie Engle and Laura Kraut on the women’s side and Todd Minikus and Nick Skelton on the men’s team.

In the first round of competition, the speed round, Michael Murphy turned in the winning round with 58.424 seconds. Catherine Pasmore was the fastest on the women’s team with a time of 59.010.

The second round is the match race, where two competitors complete identical courses at the same time. The women won seven of the 10 rounds, pulling ahead to a clear lead.

The six-bar competition was the final round, and the women continued to dominate. Each rider earned two points for their team with every clear round. The women took 16 points to the men’s 10 in this event, securing their victory.

Katie PrudentHenri Prudent
Tatiana DzavikDaniel Bluman
Margie EngleSteven Bluman
Brianne GoutalCharlie Jayne
Maggie JayneBen Meredith
Reed KesslerTodd Minikus
Candice KingRichie Moloney
Laura KrautMichael Murphy
Marilyn Little MeredithAndres Rodriguez
Catherine PasmoreNick Skelton
Jessica SpringsteenShane Sweetnam


  1. Well done girls but winning 3 years in a row is nothing compared to my school where there is a battle of the sexes sport competition held every year and the girls have won 40 years in a succession lol

  2. Well done and the women show their superiority again……lol we are just so good at trampling the men they should just stay under our feet hahah….


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