International Hoof-Care Summit under way in Cincinnati


It’s a bad week for your horse to throw a shoe. Your farrier just might be out of town.

Farriers from across the country have traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio for the 9th Annual International Hoof-Care Summit, sponsored by American Farriers Journal. The summit, which continues through Friday, features hoof-care classes, roundtables, how-to clinics and trade show sessions.

Some of the topics that will be addressed in presentations at this year’s summit include:

  • Upper hind limb anatomy
  • Dealing with hoof-care myths
  • New treatments for laminitis
  • Shoeing lame and injured horses
  • Shoeing for dressage
  • Insulin-resistant and Cushing’s horses
  • Treating club feet in foals

Additionally, the trade show provides an opportunity to see many of the newest hoof-care products and services for 2012.

American Farriers Journal will also recognize hoof-care professionals who have done outstanding work. The 2012 inductees to the Horseshoeing Hall of Fame and International Equine Veterinarians Hall of Fame will be introduced on Wednesday. On Friday, three young farriers who have graduated from a horseshoeing school within the last three years will be honored with “2012 Rising Shoeing Stars” titles. The Summit Achievement Award, which is given to a farrier who has devoted his or her time and expertise to equine charities or educational programs, will be awarded on Friday.

For more information, including a full schedule of presentations, visit


  1. so thats where my farrier went. he told me he was planning on attending. It is good to know that farriers are keeping up with all the changes and innovations of the industry.


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