First annual Horse Expo Pomona begins today in California


CowboyWhen Equine Affaire ended its run in California, Horse Expo Pomona stepped in to fill the void. This new, three-day equine expo will showcase top trainers and clinicians alongside breed demos, competitions and shopping for equestrians from all disciplines.

Among the featured natural horsemanship clinicians at this year’s expo are Linda and Pat Parelli, Richard Winters and Charles Wilhelm. For English riders, Dr. Christian Schacht of Germany will conduct a dressage clinic and Nick Karazissis will cover the hunter and jumper disciplines. Gaited horse trainer Larry Whitesell, Cowboy Dressage founder Eitan Beth-Halachmy and colt-starting champion Kerry Kuhn will round out the clinician schedule.

On Thursday and Friday, competitors in the Project Cowboy competition will compete for the title of “The Next Great American Horseman.” Contestants go through six phases of competition:

  1. Are You Good in the Saddle? Contestants will be asked to perform various mounted and unmounted elements
  2. Are You Good on Screen? Each cowboy has a one-minute screen test in front of the camera and the judging panel.
  3. Can You Think on Four Feet? Contestants complete a ridden obstacle course while answering questions about horsemanship, equine anatomy, equine mythology and theology.
  4. Can You Handle a Herd? Contestants will have to work together in a team penning competition.
  5. Are You Good with a Filly? Each cowboy will randomly draw a filly and will be judged on their ability to work with the horse while explaining their techniques to the audience.
  6. Ride ‘Em Like You Stole ‘Em. The grand finale of the competition is a freestyle on Friday night that will determine the winner.

Cowgirls will have their own competition at the Western States Horse Expo in June, leading up to Project Cowboy: Battle of the Sexes to be held in August.

A featured trail symposium will take place over the course of the three days. Trail riders and lawmakers will come together to discuss ways to protect equestrian trails. Participants will learn about horse camping, safely containing your horse on the trail and trail restoration.

The Young Rider Park offers clinics and activities geared towards kids and teenagers. The United States Pony Club and 4-H will have ongoing presentations. Homemade horse treats, horse drawing tutorials, leather crafts and pony rides will also take place in the Young Rider Park.
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