Dozens of Arabian horses will be available for adoption this week in Pennsylvania


The Arabian Rescue Mission of New Jersey has taken on the task of finding adoptive homes for a herd of nearly 50 horses that had been left to fend for themselves on a farm in West Virginia. The horses were transported from the farm to the Westmoreland Fairgrounds in Pennsylvania last weekend and are being assessed for adoptability.

According to reports, the horses had been left by their owner, Dr. Fazal Kahn, when he moved to India in 2008. The horses had hundreds of acres to roam, and a volunteer caretaker occasionally brought hay. Dr. Kahn passed away in December of 2011, and the Arabian Rescue Mission stepped in when his family members sought help finding new homes for the horses.

Although some of the horses were found deceased, the remaining horses are said to be in moderate physical condition, with most of them approximately 100 pounds underweight. All of them are reported to have rain rot and are in need of proper hoof care. Some may have heavy parasite loads.

The horses are said to have good temperaments, but most have little to no training and will require experienced handlers. Potential adopters will be required to provide references from a veterinarian, a farrier and a third character reference who is not related to the adopter.

For more information, contact the Arabian Rescue Mission here.


  1. i feel so sorry for the horses! i would love to adopt one, but i’m too far away,and i only have some exerpierce with horses. but i wish that thoses horses will find good homes.

  2. my name is jeanine, i am a huge lover of animals, i recently gotten the opportunity to house horses now also,, i would love the opportunity to adopt one of the arabians in need of a home. im recentley a new buisness owner of 3yrs, i have plenty of time money love and care to devote myself in adopting another new horse


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