It’s a colt for Zenyatta


The long-awaited foal out of 2010 Horse of the Year and 2009 Breeders Cup champion Zenyatta was born on the evening of March 8. Both mother and baby are reported to be doing well. The dark bay colt, sired by Bernardini, has a star on his forehead and some white spots on his feet.


Thoroughbred racing fans had speculated that the day was near when Zenyatta’s devoted owners, Jerry and Ann Moss, arrived in Kentucky from their California home early this week. Zenyatta currently resides at Lane’s End Farm.

The mare’s appeal to fans, even those that don’t usually follow horse racing, comes in part from her numerous accomplishments. In 20 lifetime races, Zenyatta won 19, falling short of perfection when she placed second in the 2010 Breeders Cup Classic, the final race of her career. But the other key piece in her popularity comes from her owner’s willingness to share her career with the public. Fans were often allowed to visit her at her home track, California’s Hollywood Park. Her owners and other connections, collectively known as Team Zenyatta, were given a special Eclipse Award for their public outreach efforts and the positive attention that they brought to Thoroughbred racing.

Even in retirement, Zenyatta’s fans stay up to date with her day-to-day life by reading her daily blog at That blog was where the news of her colt’s arrival was released late on Thursday night. Shortly after the news reached Facebook, crashed from the heavy influx of traffic.

To view a photo of Zenyatta’s colt, visit


  1. He is so cute! I can’t wait ’till they put up videos and reveal his name! I can’t wait till he gets to be 2 so he can start racing!

  2. She’s such a good mother. Congrats on a healthy mom and baby! I, too, am eager to see what they named him. Hopefully this little guy has a long racing career and ends up in a home as wonderful as Zenyatta has

  3. Zenyatta can do no wrong! Just watching her brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. If more humans eminated her spirit and love for life, well, what a wonderful world this could be!! Love the little guy already. Thank you Zenyatta, for always making life a little more interesting.

  4. Too funny how she was surprised by his moving around, shows how strong her instincts are to take care of him that she didn’t say “forget this!” and take off.

  5. How about Zelocity, since he was born after the tornado, and because he will be fast…no question about that.
    Love the name game, no matter whether I am naming a puppy, foal, or what have you…for myself or the request of someone else.
    The best to all of you !

  6. that is so sweet! i’m SO happy for zenyatta and her new colt! ever since i heard of zenyatta, i just fell in love with her. she is such a nice horse, and i’m so glad that she’s had a beautiful new foal now 😀 <3

  7. I have a great name for a great up coming colt, like his dam and sire. “Spectacular Dancer”, to go with his ancestrial background.
    He will be a great spectacularaul dancer. Lets see in 2 years.


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