Courtney King Dye introduces her new horse


American dressage champion Courtney King Dye has been on a long and difficult journey to recovery since the riding accident two years ago that put her in a month-long coma. Throughout her recovery, she has stated that her long-term goal is to ride and compete at the top level again. Recently, she started on the track of para-equestrian competition. She is ranked at 1A, where riders compete at the walk only.

On Wednesday, April 12, King Dye announced on her blog that she had found her new mount, known in the barn as “Buddy.” In the show ring, he’ll be known by the new show name King Dye has given him, “Make Lemonade.”

Sport horse supporter Jane Clark purchased Buddy for King Dye to ride. Clark has owned internationally-competitive horses in dressage, show jumping and combined driving, and Buddy will be her first Paralympics prospect.

In order to pay for as much of Buddy’s expenses as possible, King Dye has set up a fund called “Courtney’s Quest.” For a $100 donation, fans will receive regular journal entries from Courtney detailing her journey with Buddy toward her Paralympic goals.

For more information, visit King Dye’s blog at


  1. Great Ride and hoping for many more in the future on Buddy. You’re looking great up there, so nice to see you back in the saddle.

  2. Good for her, I am so inspired by her continuing journey. She never gives up. And I love the name of her horse, so fitting! Life gave her lemons–she said, ‘Make Lemonade’.

  3. Wonderful to see your passion “overrides” and also embraces the challenges Courtney. I also had a brain injusry and the first thing I wanted to do was get back to riding.I was wearing a helmet fortunately but I also had a recovery to overcome.Passion does not mean we will always have only the fun times we are tested to the max on our character and our values and to continue to develop and love ourselves as we love our horses and never give up on our perconal journey. all the best Courtney!!


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