AmerEquine Festival launches June 1 in Fort Worth, Texas


Rearing Gray HorseA new, three-day equine festival kicks off on Friday, June 1 at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas. The AmerEquine festival features a full line-up of horse trainers and clinicians alongside eight different musical acts.

Additional events include:

  • The World’s Most Beautiful Horse Contest The semi-finalists of this year’s competition will be presented to the judges and audience before moving on to the final round. The six finalists will perform, and the overall winner will be selected by the audience and judges. Read more here.
  • Chase the Equine Dream Challenge Horses that have been rescued or adopted at some point in their lives will be ridden by their amateur owners to complete an obstacle course. Rather than competing against each other, horse-and-rider teams will be working to beat clinician Chase Dodd and a horse that he started during a presentation at AmerEquine.
  • Cowtown Challenge Extreme Cowboy Association National Championship Craig Cameron’s popular Extreme Cowboy Race will take place throughout the weekend with horses and riders tackling a series of challenging obstacles in pursuit of a fast, complete finish.

Seminars, clinics and presentations from a an array of horse industry experts will run throughout the weekend. Featured presenters include:

Craig Cameron
Cameron is a world champion whose clarity in clinics effectively relates the importance of mastering a casual, relaxed approach in horse training. He brings both the excitement of his patented “Extreme Cowboy Race” and the proficiency he is known for in his RFD TV show Ride Smart, to AmerEquine. He will also demonstrate these techniques as part of the entertainment portion of the event.

Sylvia Zerbini
Zerbini is responsible for the magnificent performances of dancing horses that were a hallmark of the touring show, Cavalia. She is bringing her horses to AmerEquine and will show the magic of having them perform without any direct aids. Zerbini and the horses do not do acts from rote, but rather she varies the performances in order to engage the horses (and herself and their audiences) in the excitement. She does this with only body language and vocal tones.

Tim McQuay
McQuay, the legendary $3 million rider and NHRA Hall-of-Famer, has played an integral part in shaping the reining horse industry into what it is today. (The McQuay Stable) has also made great contributions to the world of hunters and jumpers. The McQuay Stable is a state-of-the-art facility that averages seventy horses in training at any one time and employs a large, expert staff that also handles breeding, sales and help for clients.

Becky Hart
Hart truly has the “Hart” of a champion as illustrated by her two Tevis Cup championships and her three consecutive World Endurance Championships. Her many wins and her love and respect for her mounts translate well in her clinics which address the needs and concerns of distance competitors and trail riders alike. She is an expert in such topics as TTeam work, natural horsemanship, and Centered Riding.

Tom McCutcheon and Mandy McCutcheon
Coming to AmerEquine with McQuay, will be his premier associates and family members, daughter Mandy, and her husband Tom. Both are million-dollar riders, and Mandy is in the NRHA Hall of Fame while Tom is a United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) Rider of the Year. They will both be giving clinics and demonstrations and participating in the entertainment portions of the event.

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