Arabian Sport Horse Nationals celebrates 10th anniversary


Arabian sport horse
For ten years, the Arabian horse has been able to claim the distinction of being the only breed with a dedicated national sport horse show. This year, Arabian Sport Horse Nationals will celebrate its milestone anniversary at the Idaho Horse Center through Sept. 22.

While Arabian Nationals and Youth Nationals showcase the breed in all its versatility, Sport Horse Nationals is just for Arabians and half-Arabians competing in hunter/jumper, dressage and carriage driving. Up-and-coming horses will also compete in sport horse in-hand and sport horse under saddle classes.

Fans of the breed can watch the show for free online at

Exhibitors at the show will enjoy a progressive barn party on Thursday evening. Participating barns offer food and drinks and attendees have the opportunity to visit each participant’s stabling area to mingle with other Arabian sport horse enthusiasts.

Sport Horse Nationals will again offer the popular TAIL (Total Arabian Interaction & Learning) Program where families and small groups get to learn more about the breed. The program is designed to be an introduction to the breed for spectators who may not have an equestrian background. Participants get to tour the show grounds, meet and pet an Arabian horse, and learn about the breed from experts.

For more information on this year’s Arabian Sport Horse Nationals, visit



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