Celebrate National Day of the Horse on December 13


Day of the Horse
For those who own, care for, love and admire equines, every day is a day of the horse. But December 13 is a special day to appreciate horses in the United States as it has been designated as National Day of the Horse since 2004.

The text of the resolution accepted by congress in 2004 states:

Encouraging citizens to be mindful of the contribution of horses to the economy, history, and character of the United States and expressing the sense of Congress that a National Day of the Horse should be established.

Whereas the horse is a living link to the history of the United States;

Whereas, without horses, the economy, history, and character of the United States would be profoundly different;

Whereas horses continue to permeate the society of the United States, as witnessed on movie screens, on open land, and in our own backyards;

Whereas horses are a vital part of the collective experience of the United States and deserve protection and compassion;

Whereas, because of increasing pressure from modern society, wild and domestic horses rely on humans for adequate food, water, and shelter; and

Whereas the Congressional Horse Caucus estimates that the horse industry contributes well over $100,000,000,000 each year to the economy of the United States: Now, therefore, be it Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That Congress–

(1) encourages all citizens to be mindful of the contribution of horses to the economy, history, and character of the United States;

(2) expresses its sense that a National Day of the Horse should be established in recognition of the importance of horses to the Nation’s security, economy, recreation, and heritage; and

(3) urges the President to issue a proclamation calling on the people of the United States and interested organizations to observe National Day of the Horse with appropriate programs and activities.

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  1. I hope my horses do not hear this is their “special day”, because they know that everyday is their special day. They all know they are loved.

  2. I believe that all of God’s creatures are beautiful; however, horses have a unique and special beauty all their own. I don’t have the privilege of owning a horse myself, but I love watching them on television, and I frequently visit a neighbor’s horses who live near me. I believe this gorgeous animal deserves all of the respect and love mankind can give to it.

  3. This is awesome — I had no idea there was a National Day of the Horse, nonetheless one that is recognized by the U.S. government!! 😀

  4. I heard about this through the emails I get from HorseChannel.com. I took a stuffed horse with me to all my classes and to the children I work with. Everyone loved it; thanks for letting me know! <3

  5. My horse’s name is Jabulani. It means happiness. He brings to my heart what know human can; he literally moves, in mid-air to catch me if I’m off balance. He nudges me ever so slightly to let me know he’s there for me. He teaches me as much as I teach him. He brings so much happiness to my heart. He gets me. ?

  6. Having a horse means I get to lug a 25lb bag of carrots home from the grocery store every week. My shoes are caked with mud, my hair tied back with the plastic string from bales of hay and every piece of clothing I own, even those I promise myself I will not wear to the barn, I wear to the barn. My horses know how to dispose of all my disposable income. They get manicures before I do, when I bother to get manicures, which to be honest, I don’t even think of getting anymore. My horse’s pink nose gets the last dab of sunscreen in the bottle before my nose does. I wake up in the middle of the night when it rains hard and hope they are under their shelter, then wait for first light so I can drive to the barn to make sure they are. When I was young I rode buses and subways, got off and went about my life. Now I ride my horses and they have become my life.

  7. My favorite herbivore is the horse. Predators like eagles and lions symbolize that strength and courage thing but horses have that going too plus they are easily trained because as an herbivore they just aren’t vicious. I have had horse for 12 years and they’ve been the best in my life. I no longer think about what my needs are and me me me. I no longer relate from my ego for my ego. They taught me that. The more I listen to them the better person I become. they are about survival, not viciousness. I want to be a herbivore!

  8. My Horses have profoundly changed my life. I have learned so many things from these amazing animals. They allow me to give love without conditions,, to see the things in myself that I never knew excisted some very good things and some things that needed healing. If. we pay attention we can see our horses reflecting back who we are. I have so much gratitude having my babies my life!


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