Safe Stalls Rescue Network will provide emergency shelter for equines


Horse stall
The Humane Society of the United States is launching a new program to help horses rescued from cruelty and neglect cases or natural disasters. The HSUS’ Safe Stalls Horse Rescue Network will be a nationwide system of horse rescue groups, equine professionals and enthusiasts who can provide emergency care and shelter to horses in need.

When animals are suffering from neglect or abuse, or are in crisis because of a natural disaster, participants in the Safe Stalls program can provide law enforcement and communities a network of local resources to help horses needing immediate intervention and housing. The HSUS’s Safe Stalls partners will include pre-screened equine rescue groups, foster homes, trainers, farriers and other professionals across the country. Participants may also be individual horse owners and enthusiasts who can supply transport, food and other care for horses on their own property.

“Horse lovers across the country are joining together to find solutions and respond to the call for help when horses are in distress,” said Elizabeth Zarkos, Safe Stalls network coordinator for The HSUS. “The Humane Society of the United States is excited to launch the Safe Stalls network so that we and our partners are in the best possible position to address the critical needs of horses nationwide.”

Safe Stalls partners may be asked to assist The HSUS with horse rescues or in situations where local resources are needed. During a typical rescue, The HSUS collaborates with equine health professionals to evaluate horses, to triage and treat horses, and to document their age, health and environment. Depending on the nature of the emergency, horses may need temporary land and shelter until they are placed in a safe and permanent new home.

Organizations and individuals interested in becoming participants in The HSUS’ Safe Stalls Horse Rescue Network can apply online at


  1. Sounds like a great rescue program. Organization like this really help, but needs everyones support with money and hay/grain/needs. Please support your local one.


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