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The Essence of Equus is an equine fine art photography class offered online by The course is taught by four professional equine photographers: Christina Handley, Bev Pettit, Laura Cotterman and Rachael Waller. The class includes two lessons on capturing more artistic images and two lessons on post processing and printing your photos. The class begins on April 24, 2013. All of the course materials are available online and accessible 24/7.

The class will run for eight weeks and include four assignments. The Essence of Equus will take you from planning your shoot, to capturing the images, to perfecting them in post production and finally to a complete fine art piece.

Taught by four professional equine photographers in a collaborative effort, this class has a wonderful synergy. The instructors are all friends, know each other and work well together. This experience will be uplifting, energizing and fun. Ride the wave of the creative flow with other like minded photographers.

See the horse’s true soul through the intuitive eyes and heart of Rachael Waller, find the magic moment with the patience, timing and vision of Christina Handley, become enlightened of all the fine nuances of this magnificent creature with the wisdom and insight of Laura Cotterman and infuse your post processing with the creative genius and artistic talent of Bev Pettit.

The Essence of Equus will focus on the artistic and the technical aspects of photography.

The online photography course consists of numerous videos, four written downloadable lessons with lots of examples and four photography assignments. Students upload their photos and receive helpful feedback and advice. The learning environment is supportive, fun and creative. Everyone is encouraged to ask questions, discuss ideas and participate.

This class has limited spots available and it will only run this one time in 2013! This class will fill very fast and be closed so register today.

Visit for the course outline.

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