Researchers request input from equestrians on saddle slip


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Have you ever found yourself feeling crooked on your horse’s back a few minutes into your ride? Do you end up stomping down on one stirrup to try to correct a sliding saddle? Are you consistently asking your instructor, your friends and anyone standing nearby if your stirrups look even? Your experiences could help researchers improve equine welfare.

The Animal Health Trust, a British charity dedicated to fighting disease and injury in animals, is looking for more responses for its saddle slip survey. It hopes to use the data gathered from the survey to find out why sliding saddles are a persistent problem for some horses.

“Saddle slip is a problem seen in all sorts of horses and ponies and can contribute to back pain and thus impaired performance,” says Ph.D. student Line Greve. “Research suggests that 25% of British dressage horses have a history of back-related problems and subsequent reduced performance. We are urging all riders, whatever their level or ability, to help by completing the questionnaire.”


The survey collects information about the horse’s general details, his health, training history, history of saddle slip problems, information about the saddle used on the horse, and information about the horse’s rider.

The results of the Animal Health Trust’s research will be presented at the Saddle Research Trust Conference in 2014.

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  1. My friend’s pony, alway would hold her breathe, and after riding just a few minutes or steps, she would have to tighten it again, perhaps about 3 times in the first 30 minutes or so.

  2. Wouldn’t know what to do if my horses saddle didn’t slip so I wouldn’t have to get off and on several time to readjust I think he enjoys it

  3. Excellent study. My dressage saddles only slip when I use sheep skin air pads, or don’t take the time to tighten my girth correctly.
    My 22 yr WB movements due to his osteoarthritis make me feel like I’m leaning to the right, and even with multiple changes in pads and saddles.


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