Equine nutrition expert offers free consultations to horse owners


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Equine nutrition is a complex and often confusing subject for horse owners. Ditching the age-old practice of feeding every horse the same in favor of individual feeding programs can be a daunting task. But each horse is an individual and needs a diet unique to their situation in order to have good health and high performance.

In celebration of the release of the new line of SafeChoice Feeds by Nutrena, Dr. Joan Norton VMD DACVIM, a Nutrena Ambassador, will be offering free equine nutrition telephone consultations in the month of September. Chat with Dr. Norton about your individual horse’s needs and design a feeding program that is right for each animal.

Participants will not only receive a free consultation but will be awarded Feeding Trial coupons from Nutrena Feed (valued at $30) as well as information on the new line of SafeChoice Feeds and a link to download additional “Buy One Get One Free” coupons for the new SafeChoice Senior.

The first 10 participants to sign up will receive an additional coupon for $10 Off ANY Nutrena equine product. Click here to schedule a consultation.

Dr. Norton founded Norton Veterinary Consulting and Education Resources to promote equine veterinary education to horse owners, professionals and veterinarians. NVCER offers both face-to-face and online courses for horse enthusiasts and continuing education for veterinarians and technicians.

Dr. Norton is the author of Equine FirstAid Handbook 2nd Edition, a useful pocket-sized book, perfect to tuck into the trunk at the barn, which contains must-have information on how to recognize and handle common equine emergencies.

For more about the Norton Veterinary and Education Consulting Resources, visit www.nortonveterinaryconsulting.com.


  1. Could have used this article about 3 weeks ago. I took in a Palomino filly weaned at barely 3 mts. I still have to check it out, the web site, for more advise.

  2. I will try to look in to this program. I need all the help I can get to learn more.
    Question: Why do some of you, just type “one” letter, like “t”, it does not make sense. If you want the points, at least make an effect, to read the article, and then respond.


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