Arabian Sport Horse National Championship is under way


Arabian dressage
One of the world’s most popular horse breeds is also among the most versatile, and the sportier side of the Arabian is in the spotlight this week at the Arabian and Half-Arabian Sport Horse National Championship. This year’s National is being held at the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, Virginia through Sept. 22.

Sport Horse Nationals was launched as a championship separate from the breed’s existing national championship show. Although the breed excels as a show horse and the fanciest halter horses are highly prized, Sport Horse Nationals focuses on those in the traditional English disciplines including hunters, jumpers, hunt seat equitation, dressage and carriage driving.

Horses and riders will also compete in the uniquely Arabian show hack discipline, in which horses are judged on the rail at collected, extended and normal variations on the walk, trot and canter as well as at the hand gallop. In the Sport Horse Under Saddle and Sport Horse in-Hand divisions, Arabians and half-Arabians are judged on their gaits and quality while working on the rail.


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