Are you and your horse ready for Halloween?


Halloween horse
Even if you’re beyond the trick-or-treating phase of your life, Halloween can be a fun celebration. It’s even better when you get your horse and barn buddies involved. Here are some resources to help you make the most of Halloween.

Carve Perfect Horse Jack-O-Lanterns

Sure, you could stick with the traditional triangle nose and gap-toothed smile on your Jack-o’-Lantern. Or you could display your love for all things equine by carving a horsey design into your pumpkin. Here’s our selection of downloadable stencils that you can use to create your masterpiece. Don’t forget to share a photo of your equine-themed Jack-o’-Lantern on our Facebook page.

Make a Great Horse Costume

Costume contests take place at horse shows throughout the year, but if you attend a horse show in October, they’re practically guaranteed. Here are some fun horse costume galleries.

Video: Horse Halloween Costumes
The Near Side: Horses in Disguise

Have a Party!

What’s the point of carving an amazing horse Jack-o’-Lantern and designing an inspired horse costume if you don’t have a venue in which to show them off? Invite your horsey friends over or get your fellow boarders and lesson riders together at the barn for a day of Halloween fun. Read about how some other horse people celebrate the holiday.

Life with Horses: Halloween Comes to the Horse World
Halloween on Horseback

Beware of Ghosts

There are two primary dangers that lurk around during Halloween. One is, of course, monsters: ghosts, goblins, the undead and other restless spirits. The other is the health hazards of all that sugar coming your way via that Halloween candy that you “accidentally” overbought. Keeping your own hands off the chocolate is up to you, but we can offer some guidelines for keeping your horse safe around all those sweets. Keep him healthy, and he’ll be better able to protect you from that other danger, the roaming zombie horde.



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