Arabian Horse Show Season Kicks off in Scottsdale


While most Americans are recovering from one winter storm or preparing for the next one, the sun-drenched city of Scottsdale, Ariz. is enjoying temperatures in the 80s. The Arabian horse community launches its annual show circuit in this enviable environment at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show, now in its 59th year.

Scottsdale Show Promo from PCF Arabians on Vimeo.


Thanks to the Arabian breed’s natural versatility and the inclusion of half-Arabians in the show, Scottsdale highlights a tremendous variety of disciplines, from reining to jumpers to park harness. The show uses four competition arenas to accommodate the expansive class list at Scottsdale’s WestWorld Park.

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WestWorld underwent major renovations over the past year, including the addition of air conditioning in the indoor arena and spectator areas. Yes, you read that right.

If the idea of being in a locale that requires air conditioning appeals to you, the Scottsdale show is a spectator-friendly event. Besides the horse-show action in the arenas, the shopping at Scottsdale’s expo is legendary. Newcomers to the horse world will enjoy Behind the Scenes Barn Tours and Meet an Arabian Horse, which are held at scheduled times throughout the show’s 10-day run.

For exhibitors and horse-experienced spectators, Scottsdale hosts a series of clinics and seminars. Topics include essentials of horsemanship, mounted patrol with the Scottsdale Police Department, a reining seminar and sport horse basics.

Tickets are $10/day with discounted admission for seniors and military as well as free admission for kids 12 and younger. Friday, February 21 is Family Fun Night when admission is free for everyone after 3:00 p.m.

However, if you are frozen in your current location and can’t make it to Scottsdale to thaw out, you can warm up in front of your computer screen and enjoy all the action. The show is broadcast live online through February 23 at (registration is required, but there is no cost.)

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