Time to Ride campaign aims to bring newcomers to the horse world

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Bringing in new riders is an ongoing challenge for the horse industry. Kids are overbooked with other sports and extra-curricular activities. Adults are hesitant to invest time and money into a new hobbie. More people are living in sprawling suburbs and away from farms and equestrian-friendly lands. But without new riders and horse enthusiasts entering the equine community, the industry will struggle.

The American Horse Council’s (AHC) Time to Ride campaign is designed to promote all aspects of the horse industry to the general public. Last week, the AHC announced a new effort within this campaign called the “100 Day Horse Challenge.” The challenge calls on equestrian organizations and businesses to provide an introduction to horses to as many people as possible during the 100 day period beginning June 1. The ultimate goal is to introduce 100,000 newbies to the world of horses.


Riding stables, saddle clubs, horse show organizations, equine industry professionals and others are invited to register for the challenge beginning in April. Participants will be listed on the Time to Ride website as official Time to Ride hosts and will be a resource for aspiring equestrians. Their task will then be to provide entry-level horse experiences, such as riding, grooming and horsemanship lessons.

Beyond the stated goal of expanding participation in horse sports and activities, Time to Ride hosts will be competing for prizes that include stable equipment, horse feed and up to $25,000 cash.

“This program incentivizes the segment of our industry that can truly open the doors to a first-ever horse experience for thousands of people,” explained Patti Colbert, a Time to Ride spokesperson. “It will also educate our hosts on some best practices for growing their businesses.”

Registration for Time to Ride hosts will begin in April and the deadline is May 15. The official challenge starts on June 1, 2014. To find out more about the campaign or to register, visit timetoride.com.


  1. What a goal to work for, not only to get more young(er) people into “our” world, but the other prize would be great, too.

  2. What a fantastic way to introduce folks to the horse industry! I think most of the horse community will be thrilled to pass our wisdom on to our newest members, as long as it’s taught the correct and humane way, meaning no drugs, no soring, and certainly no slaughter.
    If I wasn’t going to be on my thousand-mile anti-slaughter RIDE FOR THEIR LIVES during the same time frame, I’d be the first to sign up!


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