Zenyatta’s filly euthanized after paddock accident


The connections of the great racehorse Zenyatta announced on Wednesday, October 29, 2014, that her 2014 filly, “Z Princess,” had been euthanized after a pasture accident on Tuesday. The filly was stabled at Lane’s End Farm in Versailles, Kentucky where Zenyatta is stabled.

According to a statement published on Zenyatta.com, the weanling filly was euthanized at Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky. Details of injuries sustained in the accident were not released.

Z Princess, officially 14Z for her year of birth and mother’s initial, was sired by War Front and foaled on Easter Sunday, April 20. The foal was Zenyatta’s third and her first filly.

Zenyatta was voted Horse of the Year in 2010 and is known for her outstanding record on the track—19 consecutive wins in 20 starts—as well as for her human connections’ willingness to share their popular mare with the public. She was a fan favorite at her home track in California before she retired at the end of her six-year-old season.

Zenyatta’s second career as a broodmare has been successful, but she will not have a 2015 foal. It was announced earlier this year that her owners had decided to give her a year off from foaling.


  1. Not knowing what exactly occured in the paddock, I say putting the filly down was all about the money. No longer expected to make the owner any money … she was culled. The horse business is business … the romantic packaging is done for the public.

  2. Martina, you are a hateful moron. this is an absolute tragedy, and this is.no place to wage your ridiculous war on the racing community. Rood and Riddle isone of if not the best veterinary clinic in the country, if anything could have been done to save that filly it would’ve been done.
    my deepest condolences to all that were cost to the filly, to Zenyatta, and all of her loyal fans.
    keep your hate mongering satire to yourself you idiot, Martina.

  3. Martina, is correct on the fact, that money is a big part this decision. As bad as it sounds, if this filly had no racing career left, and/or no broodmare career, I am sure the owners would have put her down, but I am sure she was well insured. No, Martina, you are not a hateful moron, for speaking the truth. I do work on a TB racing farm, so I know what I am talking about. Money, over Heart.

  4. Unfortunately, this is a sad situation. But even more unfortunate, is the fact that this business is all about money. This was a well bred filly but if she could never proven her ability to win, she was not even a good broodmare.(plus all the money and time to get her to the age to bred). There is no doubt that she was very well insured. You don’t own valuable assets without insuring.
    Race horses aren’t treated will 100% heart like our horses at home are. For sure the groomers, handler and lots of trainers have special feelings for lots of, if not all the horses they deal with. But as for all owners this is a business and they make their decision based on the bottom line. They would have gained no money by giving the horse to someone else to nurse back to health to use as a gentle rider. But by putting her down they got the insurance money to move on to find their next big winner.
    Sorry, that this bothers others who love horses and horse racing. No one loves them more than I. But race horses are a business, and money will always be their bottom line.
    I you love horses and want to help the helpless, put your energy, voice, vote and money in TO helping the few wild horses that are left in USA. The BLM are trying to do away with them because of the almighty dollar, large rancher’s voice is having them done away with. If they were any other animal, with the small numbers left they would be on the endanger spices list.
    You will never be able to change the Race horse industry, but maybe you could help save the wild horses. Do some research their DNA prove that they are a link to the prehistoric horses, not just what BLM try to say they are just stray horses and the horses that the Spanish brought over. The wild horse we here before men came to America.
    Also, slaugther house are opening up again in US. For several year they gave been being shipped to Canada and Mexico. WHICH WE HAVE ALLOWED. But now I have heard that there are several opening up in US after the 1st of year. We shouldn’t allow this either, here or the transport out if country for kill.
    Sorry, for the lost of a beautiful young horse. But beautiful horses are drying everyday, that have no one to speak out for them!

  5. I don’t know if you followed Zenyatta Cynthia but if you had you would know that her owner’s are definitely the exception to the rule. Having worked in the thoroughbred industry, I know all too well that it is frequently all about the bottom line and that is, in fact, the reason I left the business. However Jerry and Ann Moss have proven time and again that their primary concern is the health and happiness of their horses, especially Zenyatta, with whom Ann obviously shares a close bond. I have no doubt that the decision to euthanize their filly was based on the advice of the doctors treating her. You are mistaken in your statement “… if she could never proven her ability to win, she was not even a good broodmare.” There are many, many successful broodmares who have not been successful race horses or even raced at all. Zenyatta’s own dam, Vertigineux, only won two races in her career. Better than Honour, 2007 broodmare of the year, also only won twice, but she produced two Belmont Stakes winners with Jazil and the filly Rags to Riches, and additional stakes winners Casino Drive and Man of Iron. And for those interested in just the monetary aspect, she was sold 2008 for $14 million. Not too bad for a mare with no real racing success. Yes, their will always be people in racing for whom money is the primary motivation but you can’t paint everyone with the same brush. It was also announced this week that 20 year old champion Silver Charm, who had been purchased by a Japanese breeding farm many years ago had been pensioned from stud duty, His former owners, the Lewis family, who campaigned him as a race horse, are paying to have him flown home from Japan to live out his retirement and Old Friends in Kentucky. They get no compensation for this other than knowing this great horse will live out his life in comfort. There are good people in racing and before jumping to conclusions regarding the tragic loss of Z Princess you should make sure you have all the facts. That being said, I applaud your comments on our wild horses and the horror of horse slaughter. These are despicable problems and those horses deserve every bit as much consideration as those that are winning millions. It’s good to know there are those out there willing to raise their voices in support of them.

  6. weather or not this filly was insured would absolutly not affect the decision to euthanise her. Zenyattas owners do not lack for cash. They would rather have the joy of watching Princess Z run. Also if she was insured, the insurance company must also sign off on the decision to euthanise. It is NOT up to the owners. Also, most racehorses are not insured. The premium is far to expensive for most of us owners. It bumps up the more expensive the estimated value of the animál. Why does the race industry get blamed for every evil in the horse world? Why are wild horses even mentioned with this tragic loss? Race horses lead a far better existance than any other equine I have ever experienced. Ive worked in the race industry since 1983. I feel alot worse for show horses, or dude horses, that stand all day tied to a trailer or hitching rail waiting for a sloppy amature to go round and round and round. Or a 250lb city dweller to slop around on their back. Do you think anyone takes care of their legs and makes a fluffy bed of clean straw for them to sleep upon? Hell no. They get put out in a corral and see ya at 5:30am when we pull ya out and put that 50lb saddle on your poor tired old back for another day. really? what life would you prefer if you were a horse. Race horse owners of the calibre of Zenyatta race and breed not for money, they already have plenty of that fool.

  7. It is well known in the racing world how caring are Jerry & Ann Moss. The same goes for John & Dottie Sherriffs as well as anyone connected and employed by them. I find it extremely sad when negative opinions with out solid facts are used to express their venom on a truly sad event. Persons have expressed opinions as though every one involved in thoroughbred owning, breeding, training and racing is the same and they do so thinking this will help their cause gain the backing of people & their money. I find this disgusting. As equally disgusting as all the cheaters and money grubbers that there are in thoroughbred racing. Rest assured that I and many others are waging a strong international battle against cheaters so I’d appreciate it if all the negative people would join this battle rather than give aid to the perpetrators.


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