15 Horsey New Year’s Resolutions for 2015


Tired of hearing the same old New Year’s Resolutions? Ready to sing Auld Lang Syne to those stale old “I’m going to lose weight” and “I’ll learn a new hobby” resolutions? Add some horsey spice to 2015 with a few of these helpful and humorous New Year’s Resolution ideas. Take those that could apply to your situation, and adjust the variables as necessary. Enjoy a chuckle or two, and have a great year!

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For you:

1. “I’ll save money this year by helping out around the barn in exchange for free lessons, taking advantage of tack sales, and not buying another horse. Actually, scratch that last one. I’ll do something else to save money, like making sure my trailer tires are inflated properly.”

2. “I will share my knowledge of horsemanship with the younger riders at our barn, and help inspire the next generation. And, quite possibly, I’ll learn a few things from them!”

3. “I promise not to bring Hyper, my terrier, to the barn when I take lessons. I’ll be able to concentrate better if I don’t have to worry what she’s up to. Other riders may appreciate it as well.”

For the Western horse:

4. “On the trail ride this year, Cody and I will tackle the ‘Spook Ridge’ portion of the trail, rather than taking ‘Butterfly Pass’ like we usually do. It’s time we challenged ourselves. I will also help Cody overcome his fear of water crossings. And ideally, he will help me overcome mine.”

5. “This year, my reining class performance will look more like Shawn Flarida’s and less like aimless circling.”

Shawn Flarida

6. “I plan to work on the perfect jog for Western pleasure, striking the balance between trotting too fast and looking like we’re asleep.”

For the English horse:

7. “At this year’s show, Benedict and I will finally move up from 2’6” to 3’. We will also complete the entire course without spooking at the bleachers, the announcer’s booth, the waving flowers under the big oxer, or our own shadow.”

8. “I will finally learn how to properly braid Millie’s tail for the show ring and put that finishing polish on our turnout.”

9. “My horse and I will work on our dressage test well in advance. It’s tough to memorize those tests while getting dressed inside the horse trailer three minutes before our ride begins.”


For your horse in general:

10. “I won’t let my horse graze in-hand except at designated times and places, thus avoiding the undoing of years of careful work. Unless he really wants to.”

11. “I will teach Bitty to load, clip, and bathe while she is still young and easier to handle. Then I’ll teach her to hand graze.”

12. “I’ll work on teaching Ernest to stand more quietly during everyday hoof care. Not only will it speed up my grooming routine, it’ll make farrier visits more enjoyable.”

For your friends and family:

13. “When I’m at the office—or an office party—I won’t bore my non-horsey co-workers with talk of half-halts, dressage tests, bits, saddles, or George Morris. It’s not their fault their priorities are skewed, and I hate seeing their eyes glaze over.”

14. “Likewise, when my friends show me recent pictures of their human children, I promise to look interested and not retaliate by showing multiple pictures of my horse hand-grazing.”

15. “I’ll finally convince my spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend to take riding lessons and become more involved with a wonderful pastime that he or she has no idea they’re missing out on!”

Remember, a happy person is a fun person to be with, and since horses make you happy, spending plenty of time around them in 2015 is bound to make everyone around you happy, too! Have fun, and be safe.

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Daniel Johnson is a freelance writer and professional
photographer. He’s the author of several books, including How to Raise
Horses: Everything You Need to Know, (Voyageur Press, 2014). Dan’s barn
is home to Summer, a Welsh/TB cross, Orion, a Welsh Cob, and Mati and
Amos, two Welsh Mountain Ponies. Follow him at www.facebook.com/foxhillphoto


  1. I will take all my riding lessons, and not be afraid to ride. I fell twice broke a lot of bones so afraid to ride. My New Years resolution is ride through the fear, and ride with joy like I used to do. I will not give up my dream because horses are my soul.

  2. This year I will stop owning horses and begin enjoying my horses. I will ride as if it’s my last year to ride and I will learn like I’m 13 and not 58.


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