Changes Announced for Equestrian Venues at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics


Organizers of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics recently
announced some changes to planned venues, including those used for the three
equestrian disciplines. The equestrian events are now planned for Baji Koen,
the venue that hosted the same events at the 1964 Olympics.

Pierre Jonquères d’Oriola of France on his horse ‘Lutteur’ jumps over the last wall, winning the gold medal of the Grand Prix Jumping Individual at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, 24 October 1964.


The cross-country phase of eventing will be held at Sea
Forest, a manmade island made from reclaimed landfill waste. Tokyo’s original
called for the other equestrian events to be held on Dream Island, another
manmade island. However, with a new emphasis on using existing or temporary
facilities for Olympic venues, Baji Koen came out as a better option. This,
along with other venue changes, is said to save the host country $1 billion in

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  1. I’m glad they’re “recycling” – it saves resources as well as money. How cool that CC will be on an island made from a landfill!


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