Horse Illustrated Announces 2015 Swimsuit Edition

The special issue comes out after years of request from the general public.

Swimsuit Edition


In a bold move today, Horse Illustrated has announced that it will produce its inaugural Swimsuit Edition. The move comes after many years of potential readers asking the same question repeatedly to our editorial staff.

Horse Illustrated? Is there a swimsuit edition?”




Some readers might ask what swimsuits have to do with horses. But it only requires a quick look around the modern horse world to see that this is the next logical step. Clothing for horses goes way beyond the winter blanket or summer fly sheet. Today, horse owners can outfit their horses in everything from fun costumes and cozy pajamas to therapeutic recovery gear and high-tech compression sleeves. It’s a safe bet that swimsuits for horses are the next big thing.

“We know that our readers appreciate the horse care and training info and entertaining stories they’ve come to expect from the Horse Illustrated brand,” said Horse Illustrated Editor Elizabeth Moyer. “But we think that our readers will enjoy this departure from the usual content as well.”

Unlike some other magazines’ swimsuit issues, Horse Illustrated will include all types of models, including mares, stallions and geldings. The theme of the 2015 edition will be “Around the World,” and readers can expect to see beautiful photos of everything from Arabians on tropical beaches to Clydesdales along the rocky coast of Scotland.

The release of the swimsuit edition will coincide with the launch of Horse Illustrated’s line of signature equine swimwear.

“We’ve teamed up with some of the best designers in the business to bring modern beachwear to an underserved market,” said Moyer. “This range is designed to have something for every horse, from athletic suits and Speedos to trunks and tankinis. These exclusive items of apparel will make your horse feel at home on the beach while protecting his coat from harmful UV rays. We’re sure it’s going to be a hit.”

The inaugural swimsuit issue will hit newsstands on April 1, 2015.

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  1. I see that this article is dated April 1st. However I bet if you model skinny women in bikinis on horses your number of male readers would greatly increase. Hm, but you might lose your female readers… Ah well. Let’s keep it as it is. Practically perfect in every wa.


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